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Advanced WordPress Course

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This is an absolutely custom built advanced WordPress Course designed based on users requirements and level of understanding. This wordpress training course has been designed for wordpress advance users who like to setup a website, to create wordpress changes beyond basic user experiences. This training includes:

Domain name selection

Domain name purchase

Changing nameservers

Setup hosting account

Setup email accounts

Create Database

Create Database users

Add database user permission

Import database from phpmyadmin

Export database from existing wordpress website

Create backup of website on FTP level

Downloading backup from FTP

Basic functions of Cpanel

Folder permissions

Setup wordpress website

Adding a new wordpress themes or template

Adding new plugin or functionality by third party options

Managing payment gateways on e-commerce website

Adding differing shipping options for wordpress site

Custom email settings for customers

Plus Basic Course & Website Manager Contents

Add wordpress pages

Edit wordpress pages

Delete pages

Create a post

Edit a post

Delete a post

Add a image or photo

Add a video in post or page

Manage user reviews

Manage users comments

Update website contents

Add products in the website

Edit products in the site

Add new product categories

Add product image plus multipart images

Managing Payment options in the website

Add shipping options in the website

Change website sliders or banners

Creating user profiles

Checking customer orders

Creating user accounts in the admin

Show how to add a link in post or page?

How to bold text in the page or post

Align text in the post or pages

Managing photo gallery in the website

Add images to gallery or delete images

Explain use of plugins

Explain use of wordpress themes or templates


How to add a plugin

How to deactivate a plugin

How to activate a new wordpress theme

How to disable to change a wordpress theme

How to manage day to day operations in the website

SEO practice for website

Social media use for the site

Digital marketing options for the site

Increasing website traffic

any other question user might have.





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